Free the “growth engines”from the purview of regionalism and regional politics..

Article by: Avinash Aryan


Every day we hear news of beating up of north indians feriwala, autowalas and daily wage labours by mns or raj thackeray goons in mumbai..

Sometime we hear news of threatening up of north eastern people and non kannada people in bengaluru.. Either its cauvery water agitation or demand of kannada supremacy ultimately its bengaluru who suffers..

Hyderabad is for telangana and core telugu speaking people.. There is no place for rayalseema people.. Chennai is for tamil people only.. Kolkata is for Bengali although Kolkata has lost its economic relevance im recent years..

If we see and turn the pages of history none of the above cities built or formed by one ethnic or lingual people which they are claiming today of own.. The most rubbish news comes from the mumbai..

Mumbai is a very modern city there is no sign of maratha asmita or legacy in any maratha ruler ever fought for mumbai coz it came into existence during colonial time.. It was the satara and pune were the center of maratha pride.. Mumbai was given by Portuguese to British prince in dowry.. Virtue of being established at coast it became the major center of trade and commerce.. From the very beginning mumbai acquired the global culture almost all religions of the world reside there in mumbai simce inception and Mumbai in true sense represent the true color of India that is diversity and moreover it is very natural harbor so trade and commerce flourished here with exponential rate esp the cotton mill and in due process of time mumbai became the financial capital of india.. Film industry and other allied industries provide employment opportunity to people over the country.. There was nothing call marathi during the formation of mumbai it was the bunch of parsi and that too gujrati people who established mumbai.. Sir jamshed ji tata was most prominent among them..

All the chaos begins after the independence it was used to be Bombay presidency and Maharashtra and gujrat were under this presidency only.. When demand of state upon lingual line started marathi people agitated violently for separate state as well as for Bombay city.. The businessmen group of Bombay didn’t want city to go in the hands of marathi or gujrati either they wanted bombay as a separate city with multicultural identity and a consensus built to make Bombay as union territory.. But due to regional agitation and violence of shivsena bal thackeray it couldn’t happen and all we are seeing today is the outcome of weak decision of that time..

Regional and identity politics tightened the grip of mumbai which eroding its global city and multicultural image.. Fanatics are trying to color only image to mumbai of marathi.. And in this attempt they are not even leaving to their own country men and creating a wall of separation within the nation.. If one truly accumulate the proportion of contribution in mumbai growth and development it will non marsthi people who are far ahead all ambani, mittal, tata etc are non marathi.. They do not represent any particular state or culture they represent india and in fact mumbai also represent India and not Maharashtra..

Same case is with Bengaluru.. It is more non kannada then kannada people.. The present day Bengaluru developed by Britishers only.. Earlier the regions of Bengaluru were ruled by cholas, marathas as well as mughals.. This city was developed very rapidly due to its romantic climate conditions the software industry flourished very rapidly in the city.. The industry which has provided the soft power identity to india in outsourcing and software technology which is truly a global concept.. But nowadays anti hindi agitation or cauvery water agitation, north east people threatening up are remain in the news.. Such events if grow with rapid pace for mere political gain will hurt the nature of city as well as attraction as a global startup center and ultimately break to the pace of growth and development.. Karnataka is rich coz Bengaluru is rich.. Or else north Karnataka remain in the grip of drought throughout the year.. Same is with Maharashtra.. Which is numero uno in farmer suicide, drought etc..

Hyderabad remained the hub of multiculturalism.. The rule of nizam gave it the touch of urdu and Hindi remain the bridge point which connects south india with north india and moreover we fought a big battle to keep hyderabad with us.. And that fight fought with the help of indian army and not Andhra army or telugu army.. The separation of andhra pradesh on the ground of telugu slang was very painful.. It was chandrababu naidu who gave his everything in developing hyderabad as a global city.. The seemandhra people have more commercial firms in hyderabad than telangana people.. But fight is going on every day.. And both telangana and seemandhra facing the problems of drought, farm loan, unemployment etc.. And it is hyderabad only which generates huge amount of wealth for the state as well as for india.. So in this case also the real fight was for hyderabad during partition b/w seemandhra and telangana.

Students from northeast India hold placards during a protest in New Delhi

To summarize all our big metropolitan cities represent the true color of india and not only particular region since time immemorial.. Such places have the contributions of multiple people from the every nukes and corners of the country.. Giving a unique color to such cities will create the sense of mistrust among our people only which further erode the the growth process.. The virtue of being a multi cultural city is that different types of talent pool we can find easily which help in maximizing the growth and development.. And this is the only region why cities such ad Bengaluru, mumbai, hyderabad developed so rapidly.. Not a single state people established all the centres of growth in that city.. It was the different different multi regional people.. And moreover such attitude creates instability among our people only.. Which is not good for national security and integrity..

What should be the solution:-

As in the time of globalization and climate change we are facing new types of threats.. And our cities are also not exception to it.. Even we are the worst victim of that.. Every day floods in mumbai, explosion from the lake in bengaluru, chennai floods remain in headlines.. At the time when we need to develop capacity and infrastructure in our cities to make them more liveable we are indulging in regional fight and dirty politics.. The first solution should be separation of such cities from regional purview such cities should not have direct control of state government the urban local governing body should be strengthen on the line of London city administration.. So that no power could accumulate in regional hands.. Such body should remain autonomous in functioning from enforcement of law and order in city to planning and management of city.. The fund for infrastructure development should be directly funded from center and state fund.. Means overall legally they should come out from the image of regional capital.. Or else such city should be separated fully from states and established as a union territory with direct control of President and a fully empower local governance body.. This is necessary to prosper with rapid growth and to develop our city on global standards..


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