Hinduism Explained and misconceptions cleared

This article was written when people were comparing Hinduism with saffron Terrorism

Article By : Gaurav Kumar


“Hindu” – the word which have become nowadays just a synonym to saffron colour. Its so much disappointing and painful seeing hatred for issues, making it green vs saffron and temple vs mosque.Society is at such a peak divide that “speaking for green colour or speaking against saffron” is secularism and speaking for saffron is communalism.

People say religion is of past and science is the future. everyone thinks his religion is best and his religious text is the truth. Is Hinduism just about religious text?
Let me tell you all something about hinduism, it is not a religion, its a way of life. seems odd !! right..!!
People say religion is of past and science is the future. everyone thinks his religion is best and his religious text is the truth. Is Hinduism just about religious text?Let me tell you all something about hinduism, it is not a religion, its a way of life. seems odd !! right..!!


let me clarify.

Even Hindus today don’t know how big and open is Hinduism. So, after reading so much everyday, connecting hinduism to saffron colour, it is very painful for me and just wanted to write something so that everyone know what really is “hinduism”. Its like a tree on which branches grow ,further leaves grow. some branches break away, some leaves dry and get blown away with wind and times. but the main trunk of the tree supports the new branches and leaves which is like new ideas which never stop in Hinduism. It is the most open way of life anyone can think of.


Lets see ideas in Hindu way of life-

1. The 4 vedas talk about :- Rig veda (oldest text of world)- also called first testament of mankind talks about society and working, sam veda- important for Indian music, Yajur veda- contains prose and myntras, Atharva veda- to ward off evils and diseases.

2. we have 6 Vedangas (part of vedas)- contains phonetics, rituals, grammar etymology, metrics, astronomy

3. we have the longest epics of the world

4. Upavedas like Ayurveda talks about medicine, Gandharva veda talks about music, Dharur veda talks about archery, shilpa veda (Arthaveda) talks about science of craft or wealth.

5. we have 6 schools of Indian philosophy which talks how to lead life which may contradict each other but also simultaneously exist.

6. according to a hymn in rig veda a person says “I am a singer ;my father is a physician ; my mother is a grinder of corn: showing that casteism didn’t belong in Hindu way of life earlier and it was made by later brahmans.

books on hinduism

Gautam Buddha who was earlier a hindu prince founded Buddhism. Though he talked about salvation through meditation but later people made him god. Buddhism itself got many forms and spread throughout the world in many forms in Srilanka ,japan , Thailand ,china and a lot more countries.

Mahavira earlier a hindu was the last tirthankar of jainism whose name is also mentioned in Rig veda( the oldest text of world). vishnu purana and bhagvat purana describe rishabh as an incarnation of Narayana (vishnu). similar to budhism jaininsm also spread throughout the world in different form as digambar and shwetambar.

These all religions talk about ahimsa (non violence), satya(truth), asteya(non stealing), aprigraha(non possession), brahmacharya(chastity). These are just way of life.

This was only about north India and before the origin of other religions and even before the birth of christ. Similar to north India, we have a lot of beautiful and thoughtful literature in south India. the beautiful dravidian temples, art , great Tamil literatures and a huge blend of dravidian and aryan culture in mid India.

budha and mahavira

If hindu was a religion we would have definite set of rules. do we have any??

1. its upto us if we believe in god.

2. its upto us if we believe in idol worship or not ( arya samaj don’t believe in idol worship, then also everyone is ok with it.

3. its upto us to follow any ritual or not

4. out of 6 schools of philosophy, each one contradicting other, its upto us to follow or not.

5. people made gods as per their convenience. some worshiped shiva,some vishnu, some kali and whatever they wanted. nobody have problem from anyone.

6. even the sacred text “srimad bhagwath gita” talks about way of life. there is no mention of any religion or a specific kind of people.

So, what should I say when someone says a hindu is communal and bhagwadhari (who wears saffron cloth)?Fact is, We are one of the most liberal beings on earth. we have never stopped new ideas and way of life.

philosophy of Hinduism

Article By:-Gaurav Kumar


7 thoughts on “Hinduism Explained and misconceptions cleared

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    1. Yes , you can say that , but the fact is opposition is doing everything to defame bjp government and the leftists are always anti hindu…If you follow rss they are not that bad as projected by congress. Rss runs thousands of schools too.

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      1. I see. I have written about Saffron Terror too. I don’t know who are behind this but I know Hinduism has nothing to do with the violence and massacre.


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