India Israel Friendship and Modi Visit

This must be known to all who is our friend and who is not

Article By : Gaurav Kumar

Iran – a shia muslim country which had been under sanctions for decades was supported by India even during sanction period. India continued buying oil in domestic currency inspite of “us” warnings which helped iran a lot(india is among top 3 buyers of oil for iran). The same Iran backstabbed india by providing the operational contract for farzad b gas field to Russia, despite being discovered by ongc videsh, inspite of multiple objections and warnings from india. Last day an Iranian muslim cleric told reporters “we support kashmir going to pakistan and we support kashmir freedom by jihad and stone pelting”.

Saudi Arabia- A sunni muslim country which spreads it’s wahabism mentality (only islam is true and rest are false), which even awarded zakir naik for spreading it’s ideology, doesn’t support kashmir issue in favour of india. Saudi arabia was even named in providing money to separatists in different reports by intelligence agencies.

modi in saudi

Palesitein- A nation which itself doesn’t know what it’s doing and and for what it’s fighting for, Who are with them and who are against them. India had supported palesitein cause against israel for decades. India wanted good relation with them and always helped them with whatever india could do. But what we get back? They also support kashmir freedom. So why do we support them? Only one answer- to appease minority.

Israel- Even though we avoided full and open diplomatic relation with them , they helped india in green revolution, providing ammunition during wars, supported India during kargil war, provides sophisticated weapons to india, helps india in water conservation, science and technology , dealing with terrorism, latest missiles, radars , fighting terrorism by helping RAW and in hundreds of other fields. They are the real friends who are helping india becoming modern and sustainable nation in all fields.

modi and israel presdent

But india avoided open diplomatic relation with israel and always talked in shadows. No Indian prime minister visited Israel.

Congress was afraid that if they support Israel and have good open relation with them , they might loose minority support (muslim support) in india as muslims hate Israel. The reason? Simple – just because isreal have problems with palesitein people and palesitein people are muslims !! Great !!Â

I am happy NDA government openly accepts Israel-India friendship and Narendra modi will be the first prime minister to visit Israel.
All the best to India-Israel friendship.

india israel

Author : Gaurav Kumar

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