kochi metro admires migrant workers

Some gestures are beautiful

Article By : Gaurav Kumar

Although I don’t admire communist and socialist ideology as it’s not feasible in the long term,

But sometimes some beautiful gestures catches our eyes which deserve to be appreciated and admired. Reading newspaper today, I came to an article which should be shared for inspiration.


coachi metro migrant labourers

Almost in all states people hate migrant workers. They have a feeling that they are taking their local jobs. Many times they abuse them , beat them and even threaten not to come again. 

But here in Kochi, kerala, after migrant workers from assam and bihar worked 12 hours daily in summer, winter and in very tough conditions like polluted environment, unpleasant machine noises etc with just 400 rupee a day wages for 4 years, kerala knows how to thank them and appreciate them.

They organised “sadhya” to thank migrant workers and admire their effort. Thats the most beautiful thing to do for someone who works for you in low wages away from home in tough environment.Thank you kerala. You deserve applause for this gesture.


kochi metro

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