Is fatwa justified in India?

This is my outrage against Fatwas

Article By : Gaurav Kumar

If A.R rehman gives music for movie,FATWA is issued.

If a girl dances in north east, FATWA is issued.

If a girl from Kashmir acts in dangal, FATWA is issued.

If cbi files case against Mamta banarjee, FATWA issued against modi.

You abuse hindu gods thats fine but if someone questions your religious fanaticism again FATWA issued.

If a singer uses his so called “freedom of speech and expression” again FATWA issued.

saudi fatwa



I was completely secular and supported personal rights of special community, but now I realise its bullshit.In the name of secularism and personal rights the constitution is made a joke.You can’t just say whatever shit you want.India follows law of the land not law of some illiterate person who have no idea about science/polity/constitution or anything.The need of hour is “Uniform civil code”

We don’t live in an Islamic country. If constitution is to be followed it should be followed completely not selective for selective people.


fatwa against singer

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