everything not alright going on

Few observations in this week:

Article By : Gaurav Kumar

1. A police officer standing outside mosque who was guarding a kashmiri leader was stripped and stonned to death on the suspicion that he was non muslim.

2. As usually expected NDTV reported “a police officer killed for firing on mosque”.


police shot

People can imagine what would have happened with the kasmiri pandits when mosques announced “kill the kafirs” and turned on the loudspeaker volume to be more than the sound of bullets.Even today mosques announce the same.

As usual congress government closed their eyes and did nothing when lakhs of hindus died and had to migrate from Kashmir.

Congress didn’t take any action in the fear of loosing minority votes. Instead, now we see they are happy meeting separatist leaders , laughing on army jokes, meeting pakistani leaders and asking them to help remove Modi.

Sometimes I laugh at the fate of our country having Italian leadership , and even brainwashed Modi haters who just hate Modi because “he is Modi”.



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