Can India have its own renaissance ?

Article By Gaurav Kumar

Renaissance often described as the phase of 14th to 16th century when Europe went through great social, cultural, philosophical, architectural, and scientific revival of the so called classical art and intellect of Greece and Rome.


It was a break from conformist society in which people strictly played by the rules and practices made by church. If we see the most important factor leading to renaissance was the introduction of press which led to the fast flow of knowledge and have huge impact on education, which further led to advancements in the field of anatomy, astronomy and physics.; further paving way into most significant inventions such as telescopes, clocks ,spectacles etc.

The fuel driving renaissance was challenging the way we think and do things. 

Indians, who proudly associate themselves to the scientific teachings of Vedas and try to associate many new inventions with the hymns of Vedas but close their eyes when someone points out that no major breakthrough discovery have taken place in India from a long period of time. Even after Independence our literacy rate was less than 10%. Anyhow we managed to reach up to a point now, when we are good in some sectors.

indian culture

In modern day time the most important factor which can help knowledge to reach each and every individual can be internet. It will provide different approaches for a single fact which leads to questioning of things. As we can see in Europe, people started thinking beyond church only after they got scientific education which can question everything and gives you a rational approach of thinking.

Many people point out that in India, people don’t want change. Even after the current ban on currency notes, some so called intellectuals tried poking their nose and talking bullshit but after all where ever I see on social media or common public places, people are happy in cooperating which means they too want change and they are now questioning everything government does and also rejecting what their former leaders say.


note ban

The point I am trying to make is renaissance was full of difficulties and it took place for 200 years. Changing people mindset is not an easy task. Only education and employment can pull people out of dark age. When people have knowledge they will start getting out of the many myths of religion and rituals. They will start questioning priests, maulavis, and bishops. Its a slow process and takes time. The only thing we can do is faster the rate at which changes take place and internet will play the role of press in modern day India. I am happy that government understands this. The programmes like digital India and recent decisions against black money and all will surely help in achieving India’s own renaissance.

digital India

Hope we have good days ahead.

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