Article on rising intolerance

who can justify this?

Note- My post have nothing to do with west bengal riots , “hypocrisy of peacefuls” and “drama of Mamata banerjee”.

It’s funny when some peaceful person fights in train over seat, fight proceeds and he gets killed in misadventure, it is termed as lynching by “hindu terrorists” .. A lot of hue and cry happens. Debates on “rising intolerance” happen and whole intellectual gang start protests like “notinmyname” and shit.


not in my name protest

They even start questioning the secular fabric of india and how a single “seat fight” is leading India to a communal state.The debate doesn’t stop here. Even organisations like RSS is compared to Islamic state. Intellectuals question modi’s silence on a single “seat fight” incident. They say “media is under pressure” to not question the government.Â

But all this hue and cry turns into silence when the case is reverse. When a teenager shares some content on facebook, hundreds of “hindu” houses are burnt , shops looted, people beaten up and a lot more. As a rude shock, the teenager is arrested for social media post but it doesn’t cool down peaceful minds. They demand handing over the boy to the mob as he have no more the right to live.

bengal riots

It’s funny when peaceful leaders openly abuse hindu deities and make fun of them, it’s “right of speech and expression” but it can’t be same if the case is reversed. The case now becomes “blasphemy” .

When the culprit are peacefuls , all the intolerance debate stops. A hindu victim doesn’t exit in society. There is no hue and cry. Where are all those “notinmyname” campaigners , award wapasi gang and the people debating on “intolerance”?The hypocrisy also hides it’s face in shame when the “communal violence and terrorising of hindus ” , is overshadowed by the debates on “governor threatening a cm”.

bengal riots

Article by : Gaurav Kumar

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