hooliganism not good in democratic India

A democratic society should not only be able to ask difficult questions,but also be able to accept the uncomfortable answers.

I am writing this on “devendra fadnavis helping to broker a deal between Karan johar and MNS to release a movie containing pakistani artist”.


karan johar

Instead of standing upto hooliganism and ensuring law and order , Maharastra CM brokered deals between two parties. It has set a precedent for similar protests in the future. It is a dangerous template and enoughvigilant groups will see the terrain to be easy for political pickings in future.

The even bigger growing concern is Mumbai’s fading status as a hub for liberal and progressive political discourse.

One thing should be clearly understood that there is a significant difference between a call for boycott and a ban.A boycott is a democratic way to protest ;indeed it is something our freedom fighters quiet effectively used against the British.

A ban on the other hand refuses to acknowledge the citizen as an individual who can think and decide for herself and impose the will of the state on her. This is not only unconstitutional , it is also an assault on the democratic principles upon which our republic was established ,that the first and foremost duty of any government in any democracy is to protect its citizen’s freedom and right at any cost.

Connecting everything with Army and nationalism and branding unilaterally “you are antinational” if you question government is not the right path for the biggest democracy like India”.

Army is a tool used in democracy for fulfilling its needs and to prosper. Army is an institution under the state to fulfil its objectives.It is also questionable for its deeds.

supporting army is good thing but spreading “ultra nationalism” in the name of army is not good for any country which follows a democratic path. 

All the people who die for country or serve for country under different institutions deserve respect. If a manual scavenger dies cleaning for you, or a fireman dies fighting fire for you, or a teacher gets throat cancer due to speaking too much whole through life. even a doctor operating for 12-15 hours,an engineer working in a factory under severe conditions all deserve the same respect as army. All are contributing to our society and economy in their way. There is no question of nationalism here.

The need of hour is to stop spreading ultranationalism.Army is an institution and must be used whenever required.


protest pic

Gaurav Kumar

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