Kanhaiya Kumar case

For those who don’t know..Kanhaiya kumar is a student of JNU who was arrested for shouting anti India slogans
What freedom he is talking about?

k kumar

1.The freedom we saw of Jats in Haryana?

2.making an educational and reaearch instituation a polity ground?

3.Few morons from the dias calling the PM, a psychopath, haramkhor, and threatening to kill home minister, but still they are living comfortable with freedom in this country.

4. Why he is talking against Modi alone? – why not against all those who ruled India for last 60 yrs??

5.He is just trying to create disturbance in India with influence from political parties and to be relevant in current political context!

6. Sucides happen in many educational institutions and many students are debarred from institution because of many reasons. But why it only gets highlighted when he is a dalit or minority? Why fight for dalit only? Why not for all?Â


There is a policy change every 5 years..

Everytime new government comes,previous policies are scrapped out and new policies are implemented which finally leads to no long term policy.What are we really doing.??

1. Presstitutes instead of showing developement take their party sides and instead of showing facts, they show their judgements.

2. We just listen to chit chat and debates and support the media only.Even channels prefer their party views.

3. Finally we have negativity spreading everywhere, growing hatred and mental tension.

What politicians do like kejriwal and nitish kumar is grab the opportunity for securing future vote banks.Its time to wake up. What we should prefer now is ignorance. We have to learn to ignore such morons. In the name of poverty elevation, socialism ,communalism they just want to secure their seat in future politics.A lot of great men work in shadows.

Not we should make noise to show our effort in MAKING INDIA GREAT AGAIN.

kanhaiya kumar

Gaurav Kumar

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