Indian Flag controversy in 2016

These are my personal views

I am amazed to see people questioning the step of hoisting national flag.Suddenly they have become uncomfortable with india’s national flag also.people are questioning why National Flag in universities…!!!

indian flag

I am feeling ashamed to see Gen. G D Bakshi crying for national flag.He almost begged people for not insulting indian flag.
Any good step taken by government is not acceptable to them,just because the govt is BJP govt…!!

Indians Plz wake up against these anti nationals.

I Know for loving your nation blindly you might be termed as modi bhakt or blind follower of govt but we know before all tht we are Indians and we will welcome every Pro India decisions of this government.

These people are now coming out of their holes and exposing their anti national approach which was shadowed by the Congress for so long. I am a proud indian and stand proudly beneath my national flag with head high and heart full of love for nation. I salute every men who lost his life protecting our flag,who left no stone unturned jus to hoist this flag on borders but today at the same time i feel sad to see a lobby of so called intellects questioning this step and saying it will further lead to communal tension. Its time for us to think…!!!

protesting with flag

Gaurav Kumar

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