Difference between love and attraction

This is a different kind of article I am writing today 

Today was very important day of my life. I had a feeling that I learnt something important which will have a very long lasting impact on my life and it definitely showed me the correct path.

Let me tell you my story first. I am an engineer by profession. I had a girlfriend. I am calling her girlfriend for now. rest of the things she will decide after reading this.She became a part of my life from my college days. I loved her too much. 




Ok lets come to point. I had a fight last day. she said me that I became demanding and I was not a good boyfriend. In her words I was not a descent boyfriend.

Now its just her point of view. But what I also felt that something had changed inside me. I was not like this before.I was quite different. I loved her before. I am stressing on this word because today I knew the difference between love and attraction.

Let me explain this in detail.

My mother , a teacher have a lot of good and learned friends. She took me to Sai baba temple which was at some distance from my home. she told me that there is a professor there who retired a decade ago and then chose spiritual path and he preferred showing right path to others too.

My mom visited him before I reached home. Before my mom said anything to him,he said you want your son to be an IAS right.!! He will be an IAS sure. Don’t worry. My mother was shocked. How was this even possible ..!! Then he told her to bring your son when he comes home. I will give him some tips and blessing of Sai baba.

So she took me to him. He first told me about his life story.  He was an IES topper (Indian engineering services). he was a very talented engineer in telecom department . He gives speeches in many countries on spiritual learning and how to live a successful life.



He gave me a lot of other valuable knowledge how to study and how to make your life better. He told me that you can score under 10 rank rank in upsc if you want. You have got the potential. I can see that. I was very happy listening that.
Ok leave this. again coming to the point .

I don’t know how he saw that what was inside my brain . he told me to learn the difference between love and attraction . I was shocked that I just had a fight with my gf last day and today he told that I must know the difference between love and attraction. I told him to please elaborate why he thought that I must know the difference.

He said that what I can see is you must be having fight with the people you love. Your relationship gets stuck due to your problem. He didn’t say about girlfriend or anyone. he just made it look like a normal relationship scenario.

Then he started elaborating when I told him to elaborate as even I didn’t know the difference between love and attraction.


What he said is ,

When you have expectations from someone for something then it is attraction. I.e. If you like someone  and you expect something from him/her. then that cant be love . You might have the feeling that you are loving him/her but if you are demanding or expecting something in return then thats not love, that becomes attraction. Attraction doesn’t last long. Either of you will get bored or irritated soon. Either you will wait for demand to get fulfilled or the other one will start hating you because he/she will realise that you don’t love him/her. Even if you were truly loving then also your relationship won’t last long.

Now what is love ??

Its a question which even I was asking answers from a long time. seriously , What is love ???

He explained it so much nicely. Now it feels like what a miracle man I met today.

Love is which have no expectations. When you love someone. You just love someone. You don’t see demerits. You stop complaining. You stop demanding. You stop expecting.

If you love someone you don’t have to say that you love someone. The other one will simply feel it.
You don’t have to demand anything. You will simply get it if they too love you.

You don’t have to say anyone to change according to you, he/she will simply change themselves to show that he/she loves you.



If you want to win something ,win by love not by arguments.

I was smiling whole through the time we were talking, It felt as if he was seeing inside of me. He knew all my feelings without saying and everything I have done.

Now I realise how I changed from loving someone to getting attracted to someone.

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