My first swimming experience

Article By: Gaurav Kumar

I had an aquarium in my home. It had nearly 15 fishes.During my childhood I stared at them.I  enjoyed a lot seeing them swimming.I loved their movements.their way of using fins.It was like they had the real life which we can’t even think of!! that was the moment when i also wanted to swim in water and feel the feelings of fishes.



When I grew up I just forgot whatever i thought during my childhood.My dream was just vanished.I never again realised or remembered that i too had a dream to live a life like fish.

I completed my schooling.There was no swimming pool in my school.

One thing I forgot to tell i also enjoyed raining.The smell which spreads after raining.It seems really crazy to love the smell of soil or earth but its crazy me and I really loved it a lot. Ya, one more thing , I am not talking about the smell of mud or the drainage flowing after raining.Its the good smell which you will feel when you smell only.



 Anyway lets come to the point,

I sometimes went to adventure parks,water parks etc in Delhi. Then also I just danced with friends ,ate ice creams ,enjoyed girls with transparent Tshirts and short skirts ,and thats all.

Then I got admission in my college VIT university. When i got admission I saw the swimming pool here, but due to tight schedule I was not able to join it.Three semesters passed and I forgot that even swimming pool existed in campus.One of my friend, Saurav joined the swimming pool and anyhow learnt swimming. He always shared his personal experiences during swimming. I always smiled listening the experiences and in my deep heart I was also planning to join next semester.

 Next semester came and I went to sports department to join swimming. They told  to come after 5 days. These 5 days passed slowly. All my memories of childhood started flashing and i was whole day smiling that days are coming when I will be able to feel swimming.



Anyhow i joined swimming . As soon as I got my swimming ID card I went to swim.

Now the real story begins:-

The moment I saw the swimming pool I was really delighted to see its blueness. It seemed to have a whole new world in it. I was also surprised by its dimension.It was 50m*25m, So big swimming pool, I had never seen in my life.

There is a rule for the students, before swimming, you have to first take shower in normal water then only you can go for swimming. I thought it was to wash our sweat or dirtiness, but surprisingly as my friend ,Saurav explained, it was to maintain body temperature so that we don’t get sick due to sudden temperature change.



           Anyway leave it.I took shower and then jumped into the pool.OH MY GOD!!!.The water temperature was so good, It was neither too cool nor very warm. It simply pleased me so much. I immersed my whole body in water. WAIT let me explain the moment as it needs to be explained.

          when you are out of the water you feel like you have many things to do,you have lots of tension, lots of assignment, lot to study, lot of exams coming, and the most important lot of noises. I really don’t feel so good in noise. It feels like everyone is shouting on everyone.

        But when you get completely in water it will be like you are on earth but somewhere away from everyone, as if you are in other dimension.It felt like WOW,this is peace. this is life,where no one is shouting,no one is tensed,no worry,no sorrow, blue water all around,no tension for job,interview,assignment,class etc. It really feels like heaven.



 REALLY nature is so beautiful we just have to enjoy it. One more thing which I enjoyed a lot, was the solar light falling on water. When you are totally inside water and waves originate you will see the lighted shadows of waves. It moves with the same rhythm as  movement of water. If you are still in water for a moment you will feel their beauty and how it really will feel after sometime that you are also moving with the shadows. First day I just enjoyed the beauty of water. I also tried to swim sometimes but was not able to swim properly as you know I didn’t even knew basics of  swimming. One thing I forgot to tell, I was smiling the whole time in pool.

The next day again I again went for swimming, this time I was determined to learn swimming techniques . My friend was always with me to help. He showed me many steps to swim. He was easily doing it ,but when I tried the same, I wasn’t able to do a single step. Everyday the first fifteen minutes i just enjoyed water then the next 45 minutes i tried to do swim, but it seemed like pool didn’t wanted me to swim. sometimes water entered my every body parts. It was in my nose,ears,eyes everywhere. I tried using my legs and hands as per technique but all was in vain. There was a 6 year boy who swam so well that I felt ashamed.



             I tried for several days. I watched a lot of youtube videos related to swimming. One day being ashamed of myself , decided that whatever happens I will swim today for some distance. I was able to swim but only till my single breath lasted.when breath ended I wasn’t able to continue. so breathing was the main problem. My friend showed me how to breath during swimming but whenever I tried a lot of water entered through my mouth and nose . I was likely to vomit.

My inner consciousness  said ” FUCK swimming. This is not for me”. I also watched many videos how to breath in water and also asked advice from one of my batch mate who is a state swimming champion (Tabrez ahmed) to help, but he just told me” don’t worry it happens at start”. I just asked  myself ” what is the duration of start period man? I am trying breathing from 15 days , then also not able to take a single breath in water. So how much should I wait? will i have to wait for whole semester to learn breathing ? Or i am a very very slow learner?



                  Days passed and today was 12th feb 2014. i had classes in the evening during my swimming time. in the deep heart i wanted to have a way to go for swimming. instantly teacher told that the next class is cancelled.I felt like WOW,thats good. so again i and my friend saurav went for swimming.when i entered the water i was feeling really different and more confident than other days. I tried swimming with only one breath,but the next moment i tilted my neck and OH MY GOD, i was able to breath. i was so excited that when i stood in water i smiled at all as if i had won a battle with water. I exclaimed with joy.

It was a magical moment for me. The war I was trying to win from a month was won. I tried breathing several times during swimming and wow..!!  Really I was easily able to do that.I felt like some power was helping me to swim and that was the moment i realised ..


   If you really want to do something from deep of your heart…just keep trying and at last you will achieve it.



Gaurav Kumar

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