The Curious Case Of Indian States

Article By: Gaurav Kumar Indian constitution, the lengthiest written constitution of the world defines Indian territory as the "Union of states" and no state has the right to separate from the Union. Although we follow federalism, we are far from being a federal structure and is thus called a "quasi-federal" state due to the emergency provisions... Continue Reading →

It Is Now Or Never For India

Article By:  Gaurav Kumar Trade wars in modern world is not new. World has always followed protectionist policies to favour domestic industries. In modern Indian history we can easily relate to it. We were world-famous for red-tapism which resulted in the famous "Hindu growth rate" of 2-3%. Due to too much protectionist policies we got... Continue Reading →

We Have Lost Humanity Long Ago

Article by: Gaurav Kumar Yesterday, Supreme court ordered for ban on crackers in Delhi. It is a welcome step. Last year wind velocity became very low and due to fog the smoke from crackers got converted into smog. The disaster didn't just stop here, due to burning of crops in Haryana and Punjab intensity of... Continue Reading →

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